5 Reasons Jamdani Sarees Are Still Popular

Do you question the popularity of jamdani sarees?

Given the number of Bollywood actresses that are flaunting the jamdani sarees this festive season, this weave is back in the limelight. So, what makes the jamdani saree so popular? Why are the top beauties of our country swearing by the jamdani and styling looks you would kill to wear?

Golden Elegance, saree manufacturer in Kolkata, takes a look into 5 reasons why this weave is still ruling in popularity.

What is the Jamdani Weave?

The jamdani is an extremely fine weave that is done by artisans on a brocade loom. It is the most intensively made fabric in the world. The UNESCO declared the jamdani an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of India”.

Reasons the Jamdani Weave Is Still Popular

Made from the finest cotton taking close to 3 to 12 months to complete, the jamdani is a piece of our culture and heritage that should not be forgotten.

  • Lightweight and Perfect for Summers

The jamdani is a muslin saree. It is perfect for summer wear as it is very lightweight. Unlike the glamour of silk sarees and other synthetic sarees that are heavy to wear, the jamdani is very light and easy to drape.

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  • Rich in Heritage

The jamdani saree was a favourite in the Mughal court, and weddings, festivals were incomplete without them! Hence, it has been imprinted in the minds of the people, that this weave is for royalty. That is why people aspire to own jamdanis.

  • Exquisite designs

The lightweight jamdani fabric has very exquisite designs and motifs. Often golden or silver threads are used to weave the jamdani giving it a royal look. The weaving is very intricate and requires a lot of time. These sarees are woven on a brocade loom.

  • Versatile

You do not need to have an hourglass figure to wear a jamdani saree! The saree is perfect to drape over any kind of figure and still gives you a sexy look as it is shimmery and see-through. Hence, it shows of a slim figure very nicely.

  • Soft to wear

Unlike starched, crisp cotton sarees, jamdanis are very soft. True jamdanis are famous for passing through the ring finger of a man. They are very soft to wear and look dreamy when draped over the body.

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Saree manufacturers in Kolkata, Golden Elegance, are famous for their beautiful, soft, and highly intricate jamdani sarees.

  • The jamdani sarees are very beautiful and intricate.
  • This particular saree is sustainable as it will last for years and years with proper maintenance.
  • They are very time-consuming to make. It takes around 3 months to a year to weave one jamdani saree.

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