About Us

Golden Elegance – The Best Designer Saree Manufacturers in Kolkata

Golden Elegance is known as one of the best designer saree manufacturers in Kolkata. We also manufacture weaving machines and train the weavers to handle the machines appropriately. Our services also include installation, maintenance and modifications as necessary. We also have our team of weavers, providing handmade sarees. Our sarees are woven using our own manufactured machines, thus helping you understand the efficiency of our products.

A New Era of Weaving

We are dedicated to innovating and developing a new range of high-speed textile weaving machines that would make the life of the weavers much easier. Our manufacturing process includes day-to-day research, study and experiment. Our team of adept engineers work with complete vigour to fulfil the need of the market and the customers. Keeping the importance of hassle-free weaving procedure, we bring forward customization facilities to make our machines capable enough to address our client’s needs. All our machines are of top-notch quality, is durable and gets the job done quickly and effortlessly. Along with selling machines, we also provide hand-woven sarees. You can directly choose to buy sarees from us or weave it yourself using our machines.

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What makes us unique from others?

We believe in providing our customers with quality equipment that would cater to their weaving needs. We understand that these are heavy duty machines and hence needs expert assistance for installation and maintenance. This is why we offer training to help them understand the technicalities of the machines and use them effectively. Adequate knowledge of the machines helps the user to maintain safety and get the job done accurately. Along with training, we also offer services that include installation, maintenance and modification to keep the machines running and safe. And not just the machines, we also provide hand-woven sarees that further reflects the quality of our machines. You can choose to buy sarees directly from us or use our machines as deemed fit.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the demand in the textile market and bring in a revolution for this industry. We look forward to developing the weavers and making them skilled enough to earn a considerable living through their skills and expertise. We intend to provide quality machines with the required accessories and spares along with installation, maintenance and modification services that would facilitate the complete journey. We promise to have the back of the potential weavers and help them achieve success.

Our Vision

We aim to maintain quality for every single product before it is shipped. This is to ensure topmost customer satisfaction and to provide our customers with an experience that would bring them back to us every time. We look forward to adapting ourselves to the advancement of technology and providing products with advanced techniques and mechanisms so that operating the machine can be safe and effective. We promise to work with complete honesty and keep 100% transparency with the customers.

Why are we different?

Being into this industry for quite sometime now, we have realized why we stand apart from the rest. With a team of adept engineers, we strive to ease the lives of the weavers while standing true to our values and promises.