Available Textile Weaving Machines from Golden Elegance

Textiles are an important part of the fabric of life as people love to dress up and show off their clothes to others. The Indian ethnic wear segment is surely growing in leaps and bounds as the textile industry grows with it. Hence, textile machinery is a much-needed piece of equipment in the present day to cater to the growing demands of clothing and textiles.

If you are looking to buy a textile weaving machine, you can do so from Golden Elegance. Golden Elegance offers many weaving machines to create a variety of fabrics like jacquard, dobby, twill and others. Hence, here we will look at the available textile weaving machines from Golden Elegance.

Textile Weaving Machines from Golden Elegance

Golden Elegance, a loom manufacturing company in Kolkata offers 4 types of looms. These are rapier, velvet, dobby and jacquard looms. Check out the details of the looms over here!

  • Rapier Loom

There are a variety of rapier looms available from this company that you can check out. They are as follows:

High-speed rapier loom

Rapier plain shedding model

Rapier ready for Jacquard model

High-speeded terry towel rapier loom

A rapier loom is very versatile as you can produce a variety of fabrics on it like muslin, drapery and upholstery material. It is most famous for producing shirting material.


  • Jacquard Loom

Again, Golden Elegance offers a variety of jacquard looms as well. They are as follows:

Electronic Jacquard

Electronic High-Speed Jacquard Gear Box Type

Electronic High-Speed Jacquard Cam Box Type

A jacquard loom is very necessary to produce complex patterns and designs for brocade, upholstery, furnishings, etc.

  • Velvet Loom

Golden Elegance offers only one kind of velvet loom and this is used to produce the velvet fabric that is necessary for fancy clothes. Velvet looms are fully electronic shuttled looms. These looms are completely automatic and do not require any kind of training or assistance to run them.

  • Dobby Loom

Dobby looms are required to create moderately complex patterns for shirts, dresses etc. The material that is formed from the dobby loom has slightly raised bumps and is used primarily to make shirting material. There are four dobby categories, they are:

Electronics Dobby

Closed Dobby

Open Dobby

Mechanical Dobby


As you can see Golden Elegance offers four kinds of textile weaving machines. They are useful to produce the best quality cloth of different varieties.

Moreover, Golden Elegance provides training for using the looms, hence you can utilise the training classes for the same.

Apart from this, the company is involved in the manufacture of designer sarees and is slowly building up the business for the same.