Electronic Jacquard

The Electronic Jacquard Machine offers high performance and a speed of up to 450 RPM. The Electronic Jacquard can be divided into 3 categories, such as –

  • Eco Shedding
  • Parallel Shedding
  • Cross Shedding

The advantage of the Electronic Jacquard Machine is that it does not require greasing for a lifetime and can get fit in any regular jacquard gudder. Electronic Jacquard can be installed at a minimum height of 8 feet. It is an easy-to-use machine and does not require the operator to be medically advanced.

Technical Specification

  • Minimum Power Consumption: 578 Hook TO 768 Hook - 0.35 KW, 864 Hook TO 960 Hook - 0.60 KW, 1056 Hook TO 1536 Hook - 0.70 KW, 2432 Hook TO 2688 Hook - 1.20 KW
  • Hooks: Module Type M5
  • Lift: Double-Lift
  • Speed: Up To 450rpm
  • Operating: Easy To Adopt and Simple To Operate
  • Lubrication: No requirement for Lubrication
  • Normal Hooks: 640 to 5376
  • Frame Structure: Mild Steel
  • Drive: Through Chain
  • Height: Low Height (Supports Lower Height Shed)
  • Handling: Easy To Remove Harness and Hang
  • Maintenance: Lowest Maintenance (Heavy Duty and Long Lasting Self Lubricating Sealed Bearings)

Scope of Supply

  • Quality microcontrollers offer optimum processing speed
  • Compatible with devices and platforms of all types, like BMP, EP, JC5, PAT, UPT, etc.
  • High-speed USB port to facilitate design/data transfer from computer to Jacquard
  • An auto function that helps easy and automatic design changes as per the defined sequence after the completion of a running design
  • Pattern your design by repeating each and every string/design repeatedly as convenient
  • 20 character-4 line LCD display massage like showing design number, repeat, speed, pick and more
  • Addition of cut-mark at the desired length to eliminate length measurement at the time of cutting
  • Unlimited picks for a single design