Rapier Plain Shedding Model

Our Rapier Plain Shedding model is technically advanced so that you need not have the technical knowledge or technical assistance. The Reed Space of Rapier Plain Shedding model ranges between 150 and 300 Cm. It is suitable for weaving Viscose, Cotton and Hemp. It has an RPM of 160-230 and reed space of 150-300 cm. The weft selector is electronic with a density of 6-95 per cm and a control system of Electronic Panel with LCD.

Technical Specification

  • The Range of Weaving: Cotton, Viscose, Hemp, Polyester, Rayon, Nylon, Spun, Wool, Silk Etc.
  • Machine Drive: High Efficiency 3 Phase Induction Motor with Electromagnetic Brake
  • Automatic Stop Motion: Electronic Automatic Stop Motion If Warp Break, Electronic
  • Let-Off Motion: Servo Electronic - Maximum Flange Ø61cm
  • Weft Density: 6-95 per Cm
  • Control System: Electronic Panel with Lcd
  • Selvage Cutter: Thermal
  • Automatic Stop Motion If Weft Break, Electronic Automatic Stop Motion If Warp Over/Under Tension Width Reduction: Minimum 10 Cm - 50 Cm Maximum
  • Reed Drive: Crank Driven
  • Reed Space: 150-300 Cm
  • Rpm: 160-230
  • Weft Selector: Electronic
  • Lubrication: Minimum Manual Lubrication Points
  • Functional Reed Space: Minus 10 Cm – 20 Cm W.R.T. Machine Reed Space
  • Take-Up Motion: Servo Electronic - Maximum Flange Ø40 Cm