Velvet Looms

Velvet looms are fully electronic shuttle looms with a control that comes with an electromagnetic selvedge Jacquard along with auto lubrication close dobby. The range of reed space of a Velvet loom may range between 150 CM to 300 CM.

The Velvet Looms we provide are completely automatic and will not require any technical knowledge or assistance to control the machine.

Technical Specification

  • Machine Type: High-Speed Shuttle Loom (1 X 1)
  • Reed Space: 160 Cm
  • Picking Type: Under Pick
  • Working Space: 150 Cm
  • Control System: Electronic Panel with Hour Meter
  • Take-Up Motion: Mechanical - 8 Wheel
  • Shedding Motion: Dobby
  • Reed Drive: Crank Driven
  • Let-Off Motion: Piles Warp Beam Dia-795 Mm with Negative Drive Ground, Warp Beam Flange Dia-460 Mm with Servo Drive
  • Machine Drive: High Efficiency 3 Phase Induction Motor with Electromagnetic Brake
  • Rpm: 150-160
  • Weft Density: 6-95 per Cm
  • Lubrication: Minimum Manual Lubrication Points
  • Automatic Stop Motion: Electronic Automatic Stop Motion If Weft Break
  • Beat Up: Through Crank
  • Weft Control: Electronic Weft Detector
  • Pile Motion: Mechanical through Crank Shaft
  • Pile Height: 1 MM To 6 MM