Golden Elegance: The Best Weaving Machine Manufacturers in India

Golden Elegance is one of India’s premier weaving machine manufacturers. They are manufacturers and sellers of weaving machines also known as looms. Apart from selling looms, this company is also responsible for manufacturing sarees. The types of sarees they manufacture are the local weaves such as jamdani, korial, gorodh, etc.

The aim of Golden Elegance is to help entrepreneurs interested in setting up their own garments factories to create the best weaves. In that regard, the company offers training for the use of the looms and machines.

Let’s take a deeper look into the offerings and activities of this textile machine company.

What Are The Types Of Machinery That Golden Elegance Provides?

Golden Elegance provides various kinds of looms. From Dobby looms to Rapier looms there is a whole host of machinery that Golden Elegance provides. You can check out the entire list over here:

  • High-Speed Rapier Loom
  • Rapier Plain Shedding Model
  • Rapier Ready for Jacquard Model
  • Electronic Jacquard
  • Electronic High Speed Jacquard Gear Box Type

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  • Electronic High Speed Jacquard (Cam Type)
  • High Speed Terry Towel Rapier Loom
  • Rapier Looms Machine
  • Velvet Looms
  • Dobby Looms

This is the entire inventory of Golden Elegance. If you are keen on purchasing a loom machine to set up your own factory to produce various fabrics, you can choose any of these from Golden Elegance. So, get ready to buy and set up your own fabric-producing factory!

What Makes Golden Elegance Unique From Others?

The reason you can choose to buy machinery from Golden Elegance is that they offer a lot of training and assistance in the set-up of machinery. If you are a first-time entrepreneur and you are keen on setting up your own factory, surely you will require assistance. You will need to know how to set up the factory and run the machines. With training from Golden Elegance, you can set up your own factory.

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Also, we offer to modify machinery so that it keeps up with the advancement of technology. Since it can get quite heavy on the pocket to update machinery with every passing year, modification is the only solution to the problems.

Lastly, we teach weaving from our institute. The rules for learning and training from Golden Elegance are very strict. Hence, if you want to learn how to weave, choose Golden Elegance.


Golden Elegance, a weaving machine manufacturer, is one of the most popular in its sector. It is well known in India as among the most prestigious weaving machine manufacturers.