How to Maintain a Textile Weaving Machine?

A weaving machine is used to weave cloth or fabric. One can think of it as a transducer that converts yarn into beautiful cloth! The most important function of the loom or textile weaving machine is to hold the warp threads taut, while the weft threads weave in and out. All weaving machines may vary in shape, size and parts but their basic structure is the same.

Moreover, the weaving machines or looms need to be maintained properly if they are to last a long time. In short, it requires regular maintenance, which helps it to run at peak performance and increase production. Moreover, whenever there is a downtime of the machines it results in a loss of money. Hence, in this short blog, we look at how to maintain a textile weaving machine.

4 Ways to Maintain Textile Weaving Machine

Let’s take a look at the 5 ways in which one can maintain a textile weaving machine.

  • General Cleaning

The removal of dirt, infectious agents, raw material or other impurities is known as general cleaning. If you do not regularly wipe down surfaces, cover the machine or keep it clean, dirt will get attached to the yarn and there may be defects in the weaving. For instance, this is the equivalent of hair in cooked food! Hence, clean the machine regularly from dust.

textile weaving machine

  • General Inspection

Regularly determine what are the tools, materials and labour required to perform a general inspection of the machine. Performing general inspection of the machine causes the machine to have a longer life. You can identify the parts where some minor scrapes or sounds occur, so that you can prevent a bigger mishap.

  • Lubrications

When the gears of the machine rub against each other, it causes friction which may cause wear and tear to the machine. Hence these machines need lubrication approximately four times a month. This will greatly improve the functionality of the machine and allow it to last longer.

  • PLC Overhaul

In six months’ time, you need to have a PLC overhaul. The rapier loom is controlled by the PLC or programmable logic control and this system needs to be properly maintained for the smooth functioning of the equipment.

textile weaving machine


The textile weaving machine needs to be cleaned and maintained if it is to produce a fabric that is beautiful and value for money.

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