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The rapier loom machine was invented in 1844 and saw continuous development throughout the years until 1925. However, during the 1950s and 1960s the machine was completely developed and commercialised the way we know it now.

In this short blog, learn a lot about what is the rapier loom machine and what are its features.

What is a Rapier Loom Machine?

Typically, looms use a shuttle to weave the weft thread through the shed of warp threads. However, the rapier isn’t that type of loom. It uses a rapier or small finger-like projections to carry the weft thread across the warp thread. There are two types of rapier looms.

One is called a single rapier and the other is called a double rapier. In the single rapier loom, one rapier extending the length of the shed is used. In the double rapier, two rapiers exist. One rapier carries the weft thread halfway across, where it is met by the other rapier that takes it to the end.

rapier loom machine

What are the Features of a Rapier Loom Machine?

The important features of a rapier loom machine are:

  • Rapier looms are suitable for the production of high-quality fabric at a low cost.
  • They are among the fastest loom types.
  • Rapier looms can weave a fabric of any type.
  • These machines can weave fabrics up to 110 inches without modification.
  • They produce less noise and are flexible.

rapier loom machine

What Cloth is Made by a Rapier Loom Machine?

Muslin, drapery, and upholstery material are made from rapier loom machines. All types of yarn can be used like cotton, polyester, silk, nylon, jute, and span.

What is the Rapier Fabric?

Any fabric woven on a rapier loom is known as a rapier fabric. Different yarns can be used for the same, such as cotton, silk, nylon, etc.

Rapier Loom from Golden Elegance

Rapier loom machine from Golden Elegance are considered one of the most advanced and heavy-duty machines that are compact and have a mechanical speed of up to 250 RPM. We offer single pannah (reed space) and double pannah models, available in variable sizes from 150 CM to 300 CM.

The rapier loom machines are completely automatic and hence you will not need to be technically strong nor will you have to hire a technically advanced person to make the machine work.


The rapier loom machine can be bought from Golden Elegance and used to produce any kind of material. Golden Elegance not only sells these looms but also provides training on how to use them. So you can opt to buy from us and make your own cloth and weaves.