Warranty Policy

We acknowledge the fact that electronic items can raise issues at any time and can stop working at any moment. This can be due to manufacturing defects or mishandling. Whatever may the issue be, getting it fixed is the only option.

Keeping this in mind, our products come with a 1 year warranty period from the date of product dispatch. We cater to only manufacturing defects and faults that create issues because of the designs. Any damage in the electrical and mechanical parts caused because of mishandling by customers will not be applicable under the warranty policy. We shall also not be responsible for damages caused due to water, flood, improper earthing, improper stabilizer, fire, high voltage and/or natural calamities.

Product Modification Service

As technology advances, engineers are trying to make our life convenient. This makes it necessary to keep updating with the latest technology to enhance the quality of weaving. However, investing in new machines with every new update can become quite heavy on the pocket and hence we not only manufacture but also modify existing machines to keep up with the advancement of technology.

We not only manufacture but also modify existing machines to keep up with the advancement of technology. Our products are flexible to modifications as per the weavers needs. Each machine is continuously monitored and updated to increase and enhance productivity. We also offer product modification services to our existing clients to help them make the best use of the new technologies.

Annual Maintenance Service

Considering machines tend to wear out with time and use, our engineers suggest getting them serviced annually to increase its productivity and efficiency. Keeping this in mind, we offer annual maintenance services to increase the safety of the machines and also its durability and productivity.

Our annual maintenance services ensure that the products are in proper working condition and the parts are in place. This also prevents accidents that may have taken place due to the wear and tear of the parts. It also increases the effectiveness of the machines ensuring accurate weaving and quality products.

Weaving Service

Weaving involves several types of fabric and materials. As the type of fabric changes, the weaving pattern and the fabric quality setting also needs to change. Not changing the setting of the machine can damage the machine, the fabric and the product. Therefore, being one of the best weaving companies in Kolkata, it is essential to opt for weaving services to get the settings right.

This is why we have recruited a team of dedicated and well-trained engineers who specialise in weaving machine manufacturing and technology. With the help of our team, we provide quality weaving services that encompass quick repair, quality settings, beam getting and more.

Technical Service

We acknowledge that understanding the technicalities of the machines can be quite difficult for the users. However, at times technical issues can lead to accidents or can bring in a long halt in your weaving schedule. Keeping this in mind, we offer technical services that can aid your concerns easily.

We look forward to catering to the service requirements of the weavers and facilitating their lives. With a team of dedicated and hardworking engineers, we provide you sales and service under a single umbrella. We wish to expand our branches in the near future so that after-sales service can be right near you. Our technical services include running repairs, maintenance – frequent and periodic, and breakdown management.

Installation Service

Every equipment purchased from Golden Elegance comes with a complete installation service to help you manage the hassle of fixing the parts and getting it started. Our installation department is led by adept engineers with years of experience in this field, to ensure the finest quality services.

To note: every machine and its models are designed and developed in-house with precision, and is tested before you receive them.
All our products come with an installation guide that can be followed to ease installation. However, getting in touch with us allows you to make the most of your time and effort and gets your equipment started quickly and without any confusion.