Textile Weaving Machine: The 4 Basic Operations

No matter the type of textile weaving machine, there are 4 basic operations that every machine follows. To weave cloth, there exist looms with and without shuttles. But no matter the type of loom available, there exist 4 common processes for every weaving machine. What are they and how are they performed? Let’s check out all the details in the blog below!

The 4 Basic Operations in Textile Weaving Machine

Here are the 4 basic operations that a textile weaving machine performs. These four operations are performed sequentially and are then repeated.

  • Shedding

The harness of the modern weaving machine performs the process of shedding automatically. The harness is made up of a rectangular frame. A series of wires called heddles are attached to this rectangular frame. In shedding, alternate warp yarns are lifted so that a filling yarn can be inserted to form a warp shed.

textile weaving machine

  • Picking

Once the warp yarns are raised, the weft yarn is carried through to the other side by a carrier device. A single crossing of the weft yarn from one side of a loom to the other side is called a pick. There exist different methods for carrying the filling yarn across the warp in the various types of looms such as shuttle looms, shuttleless looms, and circular looms.

  • Beating Up

Beating up is also called battening and is the process wherein the warp yarns pass through the heddle eyelets and the reed. With each pick, the reed beats the weft yarn against the portion of the fabric already made, resulting in a firm and compact cloth.

  • Taking Up and Letting Off

As the first three processes are completed one after another, the fresh fabric is created on the cloth beam. This process is known as “taking up”. At the same time, warp yarns are released from the warp beam, known as “letting off”.

textile weaving machine

These were the 4 processes related to the weaving of fabric. Knowing how these work can help you to become an expert weaver.

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