Understanding the Significance of the Gorodh Saree

West Bengal has a rich heritage when it comes to sarees. From the famous taant or cotton sarees to the Mulberry silk sarees like Gorodh and Korial, the state has a plethora of native nine-yards to choose from. Some sarees like the famous Dhakai jamdaani are so fine that they can pass through a man’s ring!

As one of the best saree manufacturers in Kolkata, in today’s blog edition, we look at the Gorodh saree, the famous laal-paar saree of West Bengal. This saree was immortalised forever in the famous song sequence from the movie Devdas. Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit elevated the Gorodh saree to become a wardrobe staple.

Let’s take a look!

What does the Gorodh saree look like?

Gorodh means “white”. It refers to the undyed nature of the silk from which the saree is made. Hence, the entire body of the saree is typically white or off-white. Women typically do not put a fall in this saree as they like to keep it untainted and fresh.

Moreover, the body of the saree has small motifs woven into them like paisley or other Indian motifs. The border of the saree is a bright contrasting red to the white body. The white symbolizes purity and simplicity of womanhood while the red symbolises wealth, prosperity and passion.

The body of the Gorodh is undyed and pristine. The Gorodh saree is famously made in the West Bengal city of Murshidabad.

What is the importance of the Gorodh saree?

The Gorodh saree is made from tussar or mulberry silk. This saree is used primarily for special occasions like the sindoor khela of the Durga Puja. It is worn primarily for religious occasions.

Quite similar to the Gorodh is the Korial saree. The Korial is slightly more elaborate and intricate in comparison to the Gorodh. The Gorodh saree has simple motifs on the body but the Korial’s pallu can be quite intricately designed.

Where Can I Find the Best Gorodh Silk Sarees?

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Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit simply lit the screen up with their attire in the movie Devdas. Their laal-paar sarees are the stuff of dreams and made women from every corner of India want to wear these simple sarees. The sheen of the silk, and the red border, all combine to make a saree so glorious that your wardrobe will itch to have one like it! Get shopping then!