Ways to Style a Designer Saree in Winter

The winter season is here!

It also means the wedding season is around the corner and women all over India will be bringing out their best designer sarees from storage.

Time to show off your saree collection from the best designer saree manufacturers in Kolkata, like Golden Elegance!

The eight-yard drape may still be popular among young women, but how do you style it in winter, given that the saree is very “revealing” and doesn’t exactly keep you warm?

Here we give you some tips on how you can style a designer saree in winter.

  • Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are tight-fitting sweaters with a high neckline. They can be worn in place of a blouse with a saree. Usually, they are full-sleeved and are very cozy to wear with a saree. Turtlenecks can also show off heavy jewellery very well.

  • Tight-fitting sweaters

Tight-fitting short stories can also be worn with sarees instead of blouses. These sweaters can be cropped to show off the midriff if you are feeling very confident and daring. This option is very practical yet classy. It gives you an almost regal look.

  • Jackets

Another outfit that you can wear to jazz up your saree outfit is a jacket. You can wear a velvet jacket with a designer saree. If you want to wear denim or leather jackets as well, go for it! These are simple yet chic ways in which you can take your saree look to another level.

  • Faux fur

Wearing faux fur in different colours complimenting the saree is also another trending option. You can choose to drape the faux fur over both your shoulders or one shoulder as you may like. Faux fur is very Hollywood and bourgeoisie.

  • Blazers

For a semi-formal look this winter season, opt for blazers. Blazers not only keep you warm they also give off a smart vibe when paired with the right jewellery. These can be worn with a cumberbandh which makes the wearer look extremely dashing.

  • Capes

Capes are trending now. It’s a great way to stay warm yet show off the saree. While a shawl covers much of the saree’s swag, a cape compliments the saree, especially if it is made of sheer material. This enhances the look of the saree manifold.

Wrapping Up

These were the ways in which you can stay warm yet stylish in a designer saree. Glam up your style this winter wedding season with the right sarees from designer saree manufacturers in Kolkata, Golden Elegance.

Even though Kolkata’s winters are not that cold, people here love to wear warm clothing. So, make your winter wedding attendance a hit this winter season!