What is Damask Fabric?

One of the fabrics that is produced on the electronic jacquard machine is damask. This is a rich and highly ornate material that is much sought-after in the world. It is a fine patterned fabric that is usually made from silk. In this blog let us look at more details regarding the damask fabric that make it a very prized material even today.

The Origin and History of Damask

Damask was originally made in Damascus of Syria during the Middle Ages. Pure or authentic damask is made from silk alone. However, nowadays, the term is used to describe patterned fabric made from any kind of fiber like cotton or even twill. Damask is woven on a jacquard loom.

Damask is reversible and woven into the fabric using a jacquard loom. It is not printed or embroidered. The weaving method of damask is very unique. It is woven using a single weft and warp thread. The damask pattern can be either multi-coloured or single-coloured and it is made from a variety of textiles such as linen, silk, cotton, wool and even synthetic fibres like rayon.

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What Are the Characteristics of the Damask Fabric?

The damask fabric is well-known for its intricate patterns which is used is upholstery, clothes and tapestries. It is a highly decorative textile. Listed below are some of the characteristics of damask.

  • Patterned textile

Damask is patterned textile, made from a blend of weaving techniques. The patterns of damask are what make it unique and highly desirable.

  • Thick and heavy textile

The damask fabric is very heavy because it is closely woven. There are several layers of threads which make the material very thick.

  • Durable

Since the material is heavy and thick, it is durable and can be used for upholstery, chairs, etc. Moreover, damask is also reversible. This means that it can be used on both sides.

  • Shiny

Damask is woven using the satin weave type, hence it is very lustrous and has a shiny quality.

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Where is Damask Used?

Because of all the properties of damask, this material is used primarily in home décor and accessories. Damask is used in table linen for making napkins, table runners and table cloths.

It is also used to make items of clothing like heavy jackets, and evening gowns. Since there is very little flow to the fabric, one can create structured pieces of clothing with this material.


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