Why Is Weaving Becoming the Hobby of This Age?

Weaving is slowly becoming the hobby of the times. As several women and men turn to this ancient art of intersecting threads, this weaving company in India is taking a look at how you can indulge your love for creating new fabric.

Weaving is a hobby that people mostly picked up during the lockdown. The lockdown forced people to reinvent themselves. People learned things they normally would not have learned and weaving is one such art that has received considerable attention.

People are investing in small looms, the size of a laptop and are looking at various ways in which they can create unique fabrics for themselves as well as for others.

Weaving is a Peaceful Art

Weaving is a very peaceful hobby that allows you to zone out and tune out of the humdrum of life. It does not require the weaver to think much. Instead, it requires careful application of the various techniques of weaving.

Weaving Is About Mindfulness

Growing in self-regulation and mindfulness is very important, and weaving helps with just that. One learns to focus on the task at hand. Moreover, if one is using one’s left and right hand, then the corresponding control centers of the brain are getting a total workout.

Weaving Lets You Get Creative

With weaving you can get creative to the extent you can weave anything and everything, as long as you have a design. Weaving allows you to play with colour and texture. You can use a variety of yarns to weave beautiful, unique designs.

Weaving is Easy

This is one hobby you can indulge in because it is very easy to do. Anyone can pick it up. Unlike baking which requires a lot of expertise and practice, weaving is simply following a pattern. It’s quite similar to knitting and can really help relax the mind.

Where Can I Get Weaving Training?

If you want to start weaving training on a machine loom, you can reach out to us at Golden Elegance. Golden Elegance is one of the leading trainers of machine looms and has trained people to use a rapier, dobby, and jacquard looms. The weaving classes are held regularly and are managed by the team at Golden Elegance.


In conclusion, several people are picking up weaving as a hobby. However, working with power looms can be a step ahead on the scale of learning to weave.

Weaving on power-looms is a different ballgame, but it can be quite innovative and fun once you have mastered the weaving techniques on the handloom.

So, reach out to Golden Elegance, a weaving company in India, and weave your destiny.