Choosing the Best Designer Saree This Festive Season

This festive season all the ladies are probably on the lookout for good deals on designer sarees. Naturally, they wish to stand apart from the crowd and look their very best. In this blog, we address the issue of how you can purchase the perfect designer saree from manufacturers in Kolkata. Check out more details!

  • Learn to Distinguish Between Real and Fake Sarees

There are so many sellers of fake Kanjivarams and Benarasi sarees that it is a joke! In India, only around 21 silk societies and 10 weavers have the right to call themselves true makers of Kanjivarams. Therefore, this festive season learn to distinguish between a fake and a real seller of the classic Indian weaves.

designer saree manufacturers in Kolkata

  • Do You Trust the Seller?

Finally, you need to be able to trust the seller of the designer sarees. Always, when you buy designer sarees, make sure you trust the fashion house or the designer. They should have a reputable name in the market. If not, you are throwing good money down the drain.

  • Do You Know Your Personal Style?

Before you buy a designer saree, you should have some knowledge of your personal style. Are you into heavy or light sarees? Do you want sarees that are traditional weaves or are you comfortable with modern synthetic sarees? What are the colours and motifs that you like? Learn your personal style or you will be the designer’s nightmare!

  • Consider Your Budget

Obviously, before you think of buying designer, set your budget in mind. Do not break the bank trying to own a piece of designer saree. You will get a lot of affordable designer sarees from Golden Elegance. We create some of the best jamdani collection that you can browse through.

  • Order Designer Sarees In Advance

Since, they are designer sarees, they will obviously take some time to make these masterpieces. Hence, you need to order your designer saree well in advance. So consider a gap of at least one month before the occasion to place your order.

designer saree manufacturers in Kolkata

  • Check the Return Policy and the Maintenance of the Sarees

The next aspect to keep in mind is the return policy. The return policy of the saree should you not like the design in the end should also be considered. Hence, ask for details regarding this. Also, make sure you ask about how to maintain the saree. This way the saree will last many years from now.


Choose the best designer saree manufacturers in Kolkata that is Golden Elegance. They have a wide collection of sarees from which you can choose. So, hurry up this festive season and take a look at the sarees in store for you.