High Speed Rapier Loom

We offer a quality high-speed rapier loom with an advanced system that helps you control the machine without any technical knowledge and hire any assistance. The Reed Space ranges between 1200 MM and 4000 MM and weft density 1.5-200 wefts/cm and weft selector of up to 8 colours single or double wefts weaving. The take-up motion is Electronic Control Take-Up System with lubrication of Central And Automatic Lubrication Style Grease Lubricated. The machine is well-equipped with advanced technologies to facilitate the weaving process. We also offer installation, maintenance and modification services to serve the user as required.

Technical Specification

  • Reed Space: 1200-4000 MM
  • Speed: 300 - 650 RPM (Depend On Fabric's Quality & Width)
  • Machine Drive: High-Efficiency Three-Phase Induction Motor, Electromagnetic Clutch Unit And The Slay Electrostatic Pick-Finding
  • Take-Up Motion: Electronic Control Take-Up System
  • Let-Off Motion: Load - Sensor Control Warp Let-Off System Reed Drive Bilateral Drive, Conjugated Cam Battening System
  • Automatic Stop Motion: Electronic Automatic Stop Motion If Warp Breaks Or Weft Breaks
  • Weft Density: 1.5 - 200 Wefts/Cm
  • Lubrication: Central And Automatic Lubrication Style Grease Lubricated
  • Range Of Weaving: Natural Fibres (Cotton, Wool, Hemp) Chemical Fibre Blended Yarn Etc.
  • Weft Selector: Up To 8 Colours Single Or Double Wefts Weaving
  • Control System: Liquid Crystal Display
  • Monitor: Self-Diagnosis, Stop Analysis Report