Jamdani Saree Manufacturers in Kolkata

Jamdani is the pride of West Bengal. It is a beautiful weave that is so fine that it can pass through a man’s ring! The best jamdani saree manufacturer in Kolkata, Golden Elegance, is ready to take you on a journey of understanding the intricacy and process behind the jamdani saree. Check out the details here!

What is the Origin of Jamdani Saree?

The jamdani saree has its origins in Dhaka, Bangladesh, but now is manufactured in West Bengal and has become a national heritage, worn by women all over the country.

The term “jamdani” has origins in Persian meaning “flower” (jam) and “vase” (dani), and refers to the floral motifs woven onto the saree.

These saris were mentioned by Chanakya as early as the 3rd century BC. Post the partition, the jamdani weavers migrated to India and carried the art with them.

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What is the Weaving Process of the Jamdani Saree?

Jamdani is woven similar to tapestry. The base of the jamdani saree is unbleached cotton yarn. The design is woven with bleached cotton creating a light and dark effect. The weaving creates a floating effect on a shimmering surface.

What are the Special Features of the Jamdani Saree?

  • Labour-intensive weaving
  • Finest muslin material
  • Rich motifs
  • Usage of the supplementary weft technique and standard weft technique which creates the effect of the motifs floating on the saree.

What are the varieties of Jamdani?

The varieties are as follows:

  • Dhakai Jamdani: These are the original jamdanis which are intricate, and have elaborate workmanship. These could take anywhere between 9 months and a year to weave.
  • Tangail Jamdani: Woven in the Bangladesh district of Tangail, the sarees have broad borders and motifs of fish scales, lamps and lotus.
  • Shantipur Jamdani: These are fine sarees similar to the Tangail sarees, decorated with striped motifs.
  • Dhaniakhali Jamdani: This jamdani sari has a tighter weave, bold colours, and dark contrasting borders.

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Why Golden Elegance is the best Jamdani saree manufacturer in Kolkata?

Golden Elegance is the best jamdani maker in Kolkata because of its experience in creating these types of weaves along with innovative patterns. They also offer training in the art of weaving jamdani sarees.


Jamdani sarees are the pride and joy of West Bengal. This sari was worn most famously by Priyanka Chopra when she accepted the Padma Shri award. These beautiful and exquisite sarees can set you back anywhere between ₹2500 to ₹10,000. Store these well in a plastic bag.