Weaving Company in India on Velvet Looms

Velvet is a fabric that was worn by the ultra-rich in the medieval period. It is also known as velveto and velveteen and is closely associated with aristocracy. Traditional velvet was made from silk and happens to be softer than traditional silk. This material travelled down the Silk Route and came to Europe where it became very famous.

At present, with the use of velvet looms the fabric has become easily accessible to all. This is one of the smoothest fabrics available to mankind and is used to produce clothes, undergarments, robes, curtains, wall hangings, as well as furnishings and other uses.

Therefore, the weaving company in India, Golden Elegance, introduces you to the velvet loom that they have in their inventory. So, in this blog, take a look at some of the details of the velvet loom.

What is a Velvet Loom?

Velvet looms are fully electronic shuttle looms. It comes with a control that comes with an electromagnetic selvedge Jacquard and auto-lubrication close dobby. The reed space in the machine may vary between 150-300 CM.

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Technical specifications of the velvet loom from Golden Elegance

  • Machine Type: High-Speed Shuttle Loom (1 X 1)
  • Reed Space: 160 Cm
  • Picking Type: Under Pick
  • Working Space: 150 Cm
  • Control System: Electronic Panel with Hour Meter
  • Take-Up Motion: Mechanical – 8 Wheel
  • Shedding Motion: Dobby
  • Reed Drive: Crank Driven
  • Let-Off Motion: Piles Warp Beam Dia-795 Mm with Negative Drive Ground, Warp Beam Flange Dia-460 Mm with Servo Drive
  • Machine Drive: High Efficiency 3 Phase Induction Motor with Electromagnetic Brake
    Rpm: 150-160
  • Weft Density: 6-95 per Cm
  • Lubrication: Minimum Manual Lubrication Points
  • Automatic Stop Motion: Electronic Automatic Stop Motion If Weft Break
  • Beat Up: Through Crank
  • Weft Control: Electronic Weft Detector
  • Pile Motion: Mechanical through Crank Shaft
  • Pile Height: 1 MM to 6 MM

Why Should You Invest in a Velvet Loom from Golden Elegance?

You should invest in a velvet loom for the following reasons:

  • There is good demand for velvet in colder countries and among all classes of people.
  • The looms are of very high quality and are completely automatic. It does not require a lot of technical knowledge or assistance to operate.
  • Golden Elegance offers training to run the looms. These classes are run very strictly, hence if you wish to participate in them, you can get in touch with us at Golden Elegance.

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Velvet is a lovely soft material. Nowadays, it has been adulterated by cheap synthetic materials. Golden Elegance, the weaving company in India, offers you velvet looms at a nominal rate. So reach out to us if you want to purchase these velvet looms and set up your own business.