Which Is the Best Weaving Company in India?

At present in India, there is a lot of skilled labour for weaving. Moreover, the weaving industry is blossoming with exports to the tune of US $ 2.13 billion according to IBEF. Hence, under these circumstances, you may be curious to know which is one of the best weaving company in India.

In this blog, we will introduce you to Golden Elegance, one of the premier weaving companies in Eastern India. This company sells weaving machines and manufacturers sarees. One of the sarees that they are famous for is jamdani sarees. Let’s find out more about the services offered by this weaving company.

Services Offered by Golden Elegance, Best Weaving Company in India

This company offers a variety of services such as warranty, product modification services, etc. Take a detailed look only over here.

  • 1-year Warranty Policy

Golden Elegance provides a warranty of 1 year for all their machines from the date of dispatch. Moreover, they offer to cater only to design faults and manufacturing defects. Any problem caused by the damage to electrical and mechanical parts will not be entertained. Damages caused due to water, flood, improper earthing, stabiliser, high voltage or fire will not be recompensed.

weaving company in India

  • Product Modification Service

Since it is not possible for the exact same machine to be used, we do provide changes to the existing machines. As the weavers require or demand, we can accommodate the various changes necessary. Machines are monitored continuously so that productivity is not hampered. Existing clients can also approach us for product modification services.

  • Annual Maintenance Services

To keep the machines working in pristine condition, we offer annual maintenance services for the machines bought from us. Our annual maintenance services increase the safety of machines and ensure that they are working to their utmost capacity.

  • Weaving Service

Weaving services from Golden Elegance provide for the weaving of different kinds of fabric. Hence, the team is capable of providing quality weaving services. Therefore, you can opt for weaving services from Golden Elegance to create the best fabrics possible.

weaving company in India

  • Installation Service

Golden Elegance will offer you services to set up the machines. The team of engineers will assist you in the installation process so that you do not have to worry about the final working of the machinery.


Therefore, Golden Elegance slowly carved a niche for itself in Eastern India as a weaving company in India. Moreover, it is even growing to create for itself a name as a saree manufacturer. The exclusive range of sarees that the company produces is a testament to the weaving heritage of India and Bengal.